The fittings in the EURO STANDARD range are manufactured in PE100 polyethylene and are injection molded with long spigot end, using PE100 compound suitable for pipelines for the distribution of gas, water, and fluids under pressure. The range comprises buttfusion fittings, transition fittings, electrofusion fittings, as well as welding units and other welding equipment.

The characteristics are in conformity with the standards EN 1555, EN 12201, EN ISO 15494 and UNI 9736.

All PE 100 fittings are weldable with PE 80 pipes/fittings and vice-versa, either using buttfusion or using electrofusion welding process.

The quality is totally guaranteed by the laboratory testings which simulate the most extreme use conditions of the products.

The fittings are continuously monitored throughout the entire production process in accordance with the updated regulations and standards, as well as to the internal testing programs.

The use of fittings manufactured under the Quality Marking allows to Qualified Operators to rely on the versatility of the EUROSTANDARD products and on safety values in conformity with the most modern demands.