POLOPLAST is the world’s most advanced and longest-lasting polypropylene (PP-R) piping solution for outdoor applications, tested under the toughest conditions to be extra-resistant to the elements. POLOPLAST pipes and fittings won’t rust, scale, corrode, or crumble in the sun and rain. Instead, these specially formulated, five-layer pipes provide decades of dependable outdoor performance with virtually no maintenance.

POLOPLAST is a world leader in supplying innovative polypropylene (PP-R) pipe systems specifically designed and developed for heating and cooling applications. Thanks to the extra-durable material properties of our products, POLOPLAST resides at the leading edge of piping innovation. Our PP-R pipe system not only improves the quality of life and work environment for the people in the building, it also improves your workflow during the installation.

POLOPLAST believes strongly in the industry-best strength and durability of our piping systems, and we stand behind every product we sell. That’s why we offer a standard 10-year warranty on all pipes, molded parts, and fittings. That means we’ll replace anything damaged by a leak or a crack due to a technical production issue for 10 years after production. POLOPLAST’s patented five-layer products will be the most rugged and durable piping system you’ve ever used—we guarantee it.