POLYMELT POLO-KLIMA is a plastic pipe system specially designed and developed for your air-conditioning applications. Thanks to the innovative technology and excellent material properties, the extremely resistant and durable system is a big step into the future of HVAC installation. This new PP-R pipe system not only improves the quality of life and work environment for the people in the building, it also improves your workflow during the installation.

POLYMELT POLO KLIMA renders brittle pipes and corrosion a thing of the past. Boasting an extremely long service life and a fully developed and comprehensive range of pipes and fittings from one supplier, POLYMELT POLO KLIMA excels for every type of installation. Plus, POLYMELT pipes also offer you additional innovative benefits.

POLYMELT not only offers their customers optimally matching solutions from one manufacturer, but also grants a 10-year guarantee on the entire POLYMELT POLO-KLIMA product line, including pipes, moulded parts and fittings.