Globally respected for its international accreditation and durable solvent weld jointing methods, the Terrain PVC-u above ground drainage system has been used extensively across the Middle East in some of the most prestigious projects in the region, including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the World Trade Center in Manama, the Central Market in Abu Dhabi and more recently the Abu Hamour Mall in Doha. Terrain is recognised across the Middle East as being the market leading range of PVC-u soil, waste, ventilation, roof and rainwater drainage systems suitable for both commercial and residential applications. 

The extreme variation in ambient temperature experienced in the Middle East requires careful consideration. Expansion and contraction occurs in all construction materials, but can easily be controlled with the Terrain over ground drainage system, through our unique approach and design of drainage fittings. We have engineered an extensive range of PVC pipes and pipe fittings that represent the industry benchmark for quality, flexibility and product innovation to meet the needs of your project.

Terrain Above Ground Drainage

Terrain Under Ground Drainage

Suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments, our comprehensive range of Terrain Below Ground drainage products are specifically designed to meet building underground drainage regulations in the Middle East.

Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of Middle Eastern installers, our Terrain Below Ground range of plastic PVC-U drainage pipes, fittings and chambers is ideally suited for a range of applications. The range’s major advantage is the simplicity it brings to the whole process: by stipulating our Terrain PVC-U pipes, you are automatically choosing a tried and tested, durable product that you can rely on.